Why? Business Growth.

$720,000 per customer average investment | Competitive advantage | Enhanced compliance
Constrained Investors Need The Income for Life Model®

Seize the opportunity to differentiate yourself and move-up the value chain

The industry is undergoing fantastic change. The compliance regime is tightening. Products are being commoditized. So is advice. This means higher costs and continual downward pressure on margins. If you’re focused on accumulation planning, it’s going to be ever more difficult to maintain your top-line revenue.


Most advisors’ top business challenge is and will continue to be attracting new clients. Old business-development strategies are unlikely to work. “Digital” continues to transform the marketplace. It accelerates commoditization and upends traditional customer behavior.


Amidst all this change, you, of course, want to remain successful. You want to grow. That’s where Wealth2k helps you. First by providing the optimal market focus: retirement income distribution planning.


Second, by providing the client-facing concepts and themes that immediately grab the prospect’s attention and put you in the best possible light.


Third, by arming you with exclusive digital prospecting and sales tools of unmatched quality and effectiveness. Fourth, by offering you software that, in less than six-seconds, answers the most important question that prospects can’t answer What’s My Income?® Fifth, by furnishing an income-generation strategy- Hybrid Time Segmentation®– that more than any other approach best-serves the needs of Constrained Investors®. It’s the methodology that is transparent, understandable and confidence-building. It creates unmatched context for your favored investment and insurance products.


What does all this mean? Differentiation. Competitive advantage. Growth. Achieved in the most important market, and at a cost that is nominal in comparison to the value you receive. This, and more, is found in The Income for life Model® 2018.


Don’t wait. Grow.


The Income for Life Model® is the way for advisors to demonstrate specialized skills that help retirees plan their retirement income.

A tightening compliance regime intersects with advancing technology to unleash a commoditization of accumulation-focused investment advice. And it doesn’t stop until that type of advice is free.

This is not to say that advisors’ personal relationships with clients is unimportant. But it does say that there will be continual downward pressure on fees advisors can charge for accumulation-focused advice.

Better to separate yourself from the herd, acquire critical income planning skills, and focus on the dynamic “constrained” investor market. That’s how to preserve your continuing success.

The Income for Life Model® simplifies retirement income. It’s transparent, understandable and builds clients’ confidence. It enables you to attract, consolidate and manage more retirement assets.*

When you go to market with The Income for Life Model® you acquire a big competitive advantage compared to traditional advisors, robos and non-traditional competitors.

*Source: GDC Research/Practical Perspectives

A Business-Building Solution for the Post-Commoditization Marketplace.


ROI - Reliability of Income® Profiler

The Income for Life Model® introduces the ROI Reliability of Income® client profiler, an important new approach to risk profiling that quantifies the client’s needs in four critical areas: the need for guaranteed income, sensitivity to investment volatility, liquidity needs and legacy objectives.



IFLM offers HumanRobo®, a digital marketing “front-end” designed to be your personal sales assistant. HumanRobo® extends your reach. It “packages” and enhances your image online. It even presents the sales presentation for The Income for Life Model®. HumanRobo® builds demand among prospects for planning meetings.


What's My Income?™

IFLM provides What’s My Income?TM, an exclusive presentation that helps you answer the question retirees care about most. In an industry that has focused clients on their “number”, What’s My Income?TM enables you to focus them on what really matters, their “income”.


3 Big Risks™

IFLM introduces 3 Big RisksTM. What defines fiduciary duty when working with retirees? Wealth2k believes that it transcends “costs” and must recognize the mitigation of key “risks” that can devastate a retiree’s financial security. We’ve created exclusive educational content that addresses timing risk, inflation risk and longevity risk, but we’ve done it in language that clients can understand.


Digital + You™

The future is all about digital tools used to strengthen the human advisor. With The Income for Life Model® 2017, there’s no need to wait for the future. Our new client seminar is the first that integrates high-end digital elements to enhance the impact of your seminar presentation. It’s a “wow” factor guaranteed to impress prospects.

The video opposite is from our seminar introduction multimedia presentation. This is designed to be playing as your attendees arrive for your seminar event. It sets the tone for an impressive educational experience.