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A World of Prospects!

Put HumanRobo® to work with easy-to-use prospecting strategies. reach the constrained investors who need income planning.

  • The $10 Marketing Strategy
  • The Professional Advisor Referral Strategy
  • The Existing Client Referral Strategy
  • Workshops
  • Cable TV
  • Radio
  • Online Marketing

packaging and innovation that no other retirement income solution can match

Bring more customers into your sphere

more assets is the only solution to shrinking margins

HumanRobo® does the heavy lifting of explaining the income strategy online. It creates demand for you to implement The Income for Life Model® V 4.

Prospects benefit from an engaging and motivational educational experience that conveys insights and knowledge that is truly important.

A unique, 20-minutes educational experience. Prospects learn:
  • The $10 Marketing Strategy
  • The income “floor” and it’s critical role
  • Why remaining durably invested is critical
  • The 3 Big Risks™ and why protection against them is vital

Change her retirement in 20-minutes.

win her assets | win her referrals

Wealth2k has brought the “robo” concept to a new place… prospecting! HumanRobo® addresses the area that concerns advisors most: generating the next client. HumanRobo® actually “sells” for you. It beautifully delivers the client presentation on 3 Big Risks™. It never tires of showcasing you in order to build demand for your income planning advice.

HumanRobo® also engages prospects with an entirely new interactive experience. The ROI Reliability of Income® Profiler is a risk assessment tool designed specifically for retirement income planning.

It goes beyond classic risk tolerance by measuring four key “influences” including the prospect’s need for lifetime, guaranteed income. This innovation is hugely important in helping you document why you recommended various products to fund the income plan.

Download the HumanRobo® – What’s My Income?™ Brochure by clicking the button below.

What’s My Income?

an exclusive presentation and planning meeting for the post-dol era

What’s My Income?TMdelivers a better income planning experience! It explains to prospects that knowing their “number” is not the same as knowing their “income”. That’s where your advice is vital.

What’s My Income?TM answers the question that retirees really care about.
Knowing your number is not the same as knowing your incomesm
First Twenty Minutes

The first 20-minutes will be spent by the client and advisor watching the movie together.

Middle Twenty Minutes

The middle 20-minute segment will be taken-up by the advisor doing data gathering and walking through the ROI Calculator to determine the appropriate flooring component of the customer’s plan.

Final Twenty Minutes

The final 20-minutes will be dedicated to Q&A and preparation of The Income for Life Model® Personalized Analysis.

an income strategy that

Protects Clients and Builds Context for Financial Products

help your clients manage

The Three Big Risks

timing, inflation and longevity risks

These three risks threaten retirees’ financial security.

Hybrid Time-Segmentation®

A process that assigns a context and purpose to each product recommendation. Document and correlate product recommendations to specific areas of risk management.

A “Better Mousetrap” for Retirement Income. Risk mitigation front-and-center.

A Formal, Written Income Plan for Each Client

transparent, understandable and confidence-building

It’s an unfortunate reality that the vast majority of clients do not have a formal, written plan for creating their retirement income. That’s like heading-out on a cross-country trip with no map or GPS. But this gap creates a stellar opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from accumulation-focused advisors.

The Income for life Model® V. 4 provides each client a Personalized Analysis, an understandable 14-page document that summarizes and outlines the client’s personal income strategy. It’s formal, written…and outcome-focused.

Best of all, it’s uncomplicated and understandable. Clients will easily understand how their income plan helps protect them against key economic risks in retirement. Isn’t this what millions of “constrained investors” really want?

A Whole New Way to Profile Clients

the roi reliability of income® profiler enables you to deliver a better income plan

Serving the best interests of “constrained investors” means incorporating your client’s preferences and needs in a way that goes beyond classic risk tolerance. For example, many retirees would benefit from an element of “flooring” incorporated into their income strategy. But how does the client know this? What emotional and economic influences are important to the client, and how are these influences reflected in the design of the plan?

The ROI Reliability Of Income® Profiler measures four distinct influences: the client’s tolerance for investment volatility, liquidity needs, legacy objectives and, importantly, the need for “flooring”. The profiler aids your ability to document why you recommended certain products including lifetime income products. You are able to document the process by having the client sign the profiler output which generates a scoring for each of the four influences.

The ROI Reliability of Income® Profiler is an important development in helping advisors design better plans for their clients. It’s a competitive advantage available only to licensees of The Income for Life Model® V. 4.

Award Winning Income Planning Software

design outcome-focused income strategies that best serve the needs of ''constrained investors''

Dynamic “bucketing”. Build the strategy with two to nine buckets, control buckets’ durations, ROI assumptions, and target income goals.

Add “flooring” to create a desired lifetime guaranteed income. Include “floor” and “non-floor” income sources. Defer any income source as desired. Position existing income product inside the new income strategy.

Use the Automated Funding Feature to re-postion client assets in buckets and floors. Generate a Strategy Funding Report. At any point in the future, generate a Strategy Tracking Report to assess the actual results compared to targets.

*Available on Pershing LLC NETX360 and certain other platforms.

Clear, transparent and rational, the income strategy is outlined in the client’s customized Personalized Analysis of The Income for Life Model®.

TV and Radio Media

make prospects understand that your message is different, and far more relevant to their needs

Would you believe that, in many areas of the U.S., you can run a 30-second TV spots on local cable TV for as little as $5? Imagine being on television to deliver the big question that prospects can’t answer: What’s My Income?. Imagine the credibility being on TV builds for you. Imagine the impact on prospects who typically have no idea of how much monthly income their retirement savings will generate.

Wealth2k makes it easy for you to harness the power of television advertising. At a low cost, we provide beautifully-designed TV commercials to help you build demand for your income planning services. Tell people in your local community that you are the go-to income planner who offers The Income for Life Model©.

Two options for creating you TV Commercial
Option One

custom-designed. your original tv commercial.

Custom Example: “B. Katz” Full Color :30

Option Two

video template commercials. customized for you.

“Confident” Full Color :30

“Clarity” Full Color :30
“Confidence” Full Color :60
“Confidence” B&W and Color :60
“Comfort” Full Color :60
Fifteen Seconds Ad :15

Income Planning Training

Income planning skills will become the most powerful differentiator in the post-DOL period. As a licensee of The Income for Life Model® V. 4, you will acquire income planning skills and insights that Wealth2k has developed and honed since 2003.

Licensees work directly with Wealth2k’s Head of Planning, Jason Ray, CFP, ChFC, CRPC, CLU, FLMI. A gifted teacher and motivator who always emphasizes practical skills that generate success, Jason is a preeminent expert in income distribution planning. He teaches licensees how to get the most from Wealth2k’s award-winning software.

Jason has been instrumental in helping a great many financial advisors grow their practices to entirely new levels of success. He’s the industry’s “go-to” expert, the individual that planners look to for learning the implementable skills that power their success in outcome-focused retirement income planning.

A Brilliant Client Seminar

digital + you™ makes your seminar oh so impressive

The first thing they become aware of is the music. As your prospects walk into your seminar venue the upbeat vibe is unmistakable. Welcoming. As they take their seats, prospects’ eyes are drawn to the beautiful imagery and on-screen graphics. What’s happening? The tone is being set. Your image is being packaged. Wow! I’m not at an ordinary financial advisor seminar. I’m at an event!

This is a client educational seminar like no other. And it’s importance can’t be overestimated. It’s more vital than ever to put distance between yourself and competing advisors. This is how to do it

The new client seminar is exclusive to those advisors who license The Income for Life Model® V. 4.

Online Marketing to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

the income for life model® V. 4 provides capabilities to help you find ideal prospects

What’s the most effective way to woo baby boomers with your marketing? The answer may surprise those who hold on to old marketing stereotypes. Baby Boomers are a prime target audience for marketing. Their number in the U.S. is estimated to be 75+ million. Aside from the sheer size of the boomer population, they are also affluent. Also, boomers are tech savvy. They are heavy consumers of television programming, and they spend as much or more time online.

For online marketing, there is no more effective channel than search engines. When respondents in the DMN3 study were asked about actions taken as a result of doing online activities, the results speak for themselves. Search dramatically outperforms social media and viewing online videos in getting Boomers to take actions, including making a purchase. Source: DMN3

According to AdWeek, “… a higher proportion of Baby Boomers spend more than 20 hours per week consuming online content than either Millennials or Generation X users.”

Wealth2k® is certified in online marketing by Google, including AdWords and Display Network.

We will work with you to design a customized marketing campaign that targets retirees in your local territory.