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the income for life model® 2018

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No Plan. No Clue. No Chance.℠


Income Disease is a serious financial affliction. It targets constrained investors, often at the worst possible times. Income disease deprives constrained investors of their best chances of maintaining their dignity in retirement. It causes them to suffer anxiety about their financial security. As the years pass, the anxiety only increases.


Income disease makes it difficult for constrained investors to know how much of their savings they should spend each month. As a result, constrained investors are often deprived of the quality of life they would otherwise enjoy.

Those who suffer from Income Disease face a needlessly uncertain financial future. They have no income plan. No asset time-segmentation. No income ``floor.`` No clue about how much to spend each month. Ultimately, they probably have no chance.

The Cure for Income Disease

Click the image to download The Cure for Income Disease Brochure.


A revolution is underway in financial services. Commoditization of advice and products threaten your success. To maintain and grow revenue, your top priority is to attract more retirement assets. The Income for Life Model® 2018 helps bring more prospects into your sphere of influence. Learn about its exclusive sales and marketing tools including What's My Income?™ , HumanRobo® , ROI- Reliability of Income and the Three Big Risks™ . Be the best fiduciary to Constrained Investors. Win more assets. Secure your future.


The transparent, client-focused income plan that builds confidence and consolidates client assets.


Focuses clients on the big question they can’t answer. Not without your help, that is.


Teaching clients the importance of protecting against Timing, Inflation and Longevity Risks.


The exclusive risk tolerance process that quantifies the client’s need for guaranteed income.


Automates sales presentation so that your prospects and clients demand your income planning services.

You need to deliver an income strategy to Constrained Investors® that best-serves their needs. It’s your obligation. And your great business opportunity.


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The Income for Life Model® 2018 Addresses the Issues Advisors Care About Most

In its surveys that measure advisor’s top business concerns, the results are consistent: generating new prospects is advisors’ number one priority. The Income for Life Model 2018 brilliantly addresses the need to expand your business.