Delivers YOU. Digitally

A digital sales and marketing system that educates and motivates prospects to meet with you.

It delivers The 3 Big Risks™ educational presentation on your behalf and introduces exclusive risk profiling. It helps you design a better income plan. Engages prospects in a whole new way. Quantifies the client’s need for guaranteed income.

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What’s My Income?

A New Planning Meeting for a New Era

What’s My Income?TM delivers a better income planning experience!Knowing your “number” is not the same as knowing your “income”.

Answer the question that retirees really care about.
Knowing your “number” is not the same as knowing your “income”.
First Twenty Minutes

The first 20-minutes will be spent by the client and advisor watching the movie together.

Middle Twenty Minutes

The middle 20-minute segment will be taken-up by the advisor doing data gathering and walking through the ROI Calculator to determine the appropriate flooring component of the customer’s plan.

Third Twenty Minutes

The final 20-minutes will be dedicated to Q&A and preparation of The Income for Life Model® Personalized Analysis.

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The Three Big Risks

Timing, Inflation and Longevity Risk

These three risks threaten retirees’ financial security.

Here’s a strategy to mitigate them.

Hybrid Time-Segmentation®

A process that assigns a context and purpose to each product recommendation. Document and correlate product recommendations to specific areas of risk management.

A “Better Mousetrap” for Retirement Income. Risk mitigation front-and-center.

Award Winning Income Planning Software

Design outcome-focused income strategies that meet your client’s needs

Dynamic “bucketing”. Build the strategy with two to nine buckets. Control buckets’ durations, ROI assumptions, and target income goals.

Add “flooring” to create a desired lifetime guaranteed income. Include “floor” and “non-floor” income sources. Defer any income source as desired. Position existing income product inside the new income strategy.

Use the Automated Funding Feature to re-postion client assets in buckets and floors. Generate a Strategy Funding Report. At any point in the future, generate a Strategy Tracking Report to assess the actual results compared to targets.

*Available on Pershing LLC NETX360 and certain other platforms.

Clear, transparent and rational, the income strategy is outlined in the client’s customized Personalized Analysis of The Income for Life Model®.