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​Institutionalize Retirement Income | ​Drive Revenue Growth | ​Reduce Financial Liability Potential | Revolutionize the Process of Generating LBE Referrals
We’ve passed through the software era.
The next phase will center on content and packaging.
Generate Revenue Growth in 2017 and Beyond.

when you focus on “constrained” investors expect more sales. enhanced compliance. and better customer outcomes.

DOL gave an unintended but significant gift to income distribution planning. It’s really an historic opportunity to boost fee income and increase annuity sales while gathering 100% of customers’ wallet share. The key to exploiting this opportunity is found in properly serving the many “constrained” investors among your customer base.

The Income for Life Model® 2017 Enterprise Edition  makes it easy to institutionalize your strategy for retirement income. This unlocks both revenue growth and compliance benefits. It assures consistent customer outcomes. It generates more quality referrals from LBEs. We say, respond to DOL in a way that ignites growth and lowers financial liability. Your “Constrained” investor customers need your assistance.

How to capitalize on the opportunity? Read David Macchia’s article in Financial Planning.

  • Deploy a defendable solution for BICE sales

  • Expand advisory business

  • Maintain context for annuity sales

  • Bring consistency to customer outcomes

  • Implement a transparent process and multiple products with each customer

  • Document all product recommendations

  • Gain a digital prospecting experience that generates more planning meetings

wealth2k delivers the model that increases revenue while reducing financial liability


Contact David Macchia at (781) 222-3038 or email: dmacchia@wealth2k.com


digital lbe™

Take a subject that almost all customers are care about- like Social Security- and then empower your LBEs to deliver an impressive educational experience using content that motivates those customers and develops more referrals for your FAs. That’s the payoff from Digital LBE.

LBEs are busy people with many demands placed upon them. But any LBE can say to the customer, “I want you to invest 10-minutes to learn how to make a good decision about Social Security.” This simple handoff to engaging online technology creates demand for FAs to deliver customized income planning. That’s the key to consolidating 100% of the customer’s investment assets.


HumanRobo™ makes it achievable to reach a larger share of bank customers with a valuable and impressive experience that directly leads to more referrals and new business.

Visit HumanRobo™ for yourself to understand its incredible effectiveness. Experience the 20-minute educational engagement and imagine the impression that can be made on bank customers.

HumanRobo™ is a digital platform that educates customers and builds demand for your FAs to deliver a personalized income distribution strategy?

HumanRobo™ compliantly explains The Income for Life Model. It does the pre-appointment “heavy Lifting,” educating customers on why they need to segment their retirement assets, why the need a “floor” in their income strategy, and why they need protection against The Three Big Risks™.