The Income for Life Model® 2017

We’re Reinventing the Retirement Income Business to Better Serve “Constrained” Investors

A revolution is underway in financial services. New challenges including commoditization of advice and products threaten your success. To maintain and grow revenue, your top priority is to attract more retirement assets. The Income for Life Model® 2017 helps bring more prospects into your sphere of influence. It does this in a way that no retirement income solution can match. Learn about its exclusive sales and marketing concepts including What's My Income?™ , HumanRobo® , the Three Big Risks™ .

The Income for Life Model® 2017 Addresses the Issues Advisors Care About Most

Wealth2k recently asked three questions as part of our year-end 2016 Advisor Survey. Advisors’ views are clear: generating new prospects is their number one priority. No other solution so brilliantly addresses expanding your business business growth as does The Income for Life Model® 2017.

89% of advisors indicate that acquiring more clients is either “significantly important” or their “most urgent issue”.

Do you fear DOL will threaten your margins?
Will DOL increase your financial liability risk?
How important is it for you to reach more prospective clients?